To those who feel uneasy about where the world is heading…

Here’s Exactly How You Can Legally Escape The Society Trap, Be Free And Live Life On Your Terms Without Spending A Fortune, Being Famous Or Knowing The Right People.

“Make your Plan B better than their Plan A”

Chapter One: Background

The internet age gifted humans the ability to connect and grow communities based on common beliefs, interests and passions.

The advent of web3 brought a new dimension of trust and ownership to these global communities.

While these technological advances created shifts in the world’s culture, a disconnect has always and will always remain…

Authentic physical connection is a frontier that even VR will be unable to truly mirror.

Emerging from the post-pandemic world, humans are craving real connection more than ever.

There is a hunger for physical connection amongst the borderless communities formed using modern technology.

There is also a shared feeling of a need to escape or at the very least, have a plan b exit.

Many people feel alienated by the societies they grew up in, they feel uneasy about the way the world is heading and they’re seeking validation that they’re not the only ones that feel this way.

Wake up, Neo... The Matrix has you... Follow the Uncom Crew Knock, knock, Neo.

Loading… UNCOM-experience.exe

Chapter Two: The (Insert Country Here) Dream


hink about what’s currently on offer…

The American Dream… 

The Great Australian Dream. 

The way we have been taught we want to live.

Whatever you call it, It’s the same mundane common way of living.

A way that does not lead to an optimal life experience.

One where you’re living life on someone else’s terms.

You see, you either build your own dream or you’re sold into living out someone else’s.

It’s a trap – setup to fool those who blindly follow.

The Society Trap.

Earn, Consume then Die with no real plan to escape that reality.




Those of us who have sought an alternative have realised…

We don’t need to live this way, we don’t have to live that reality.

We found a way to escape.

Then we realised, in order to help others on this path, it wasn’t an escape that was needed…

It was an alternative.

When you have a network of people big enough, you can focus on building an alternative.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We’ve built a global ecosystem of people, businesses and organisations that are bonded through the sharing of similar beliefs and dreams.

Beliefs that as humans, you should:

  • Chase the highest quality of life for you and your family
  • Be able to live life on your terms
  • Have access to your optimal living environment, whenever you want it
  • Enjoy lower costs of living
  • Have access to quality food
  • Relentlessly pursue higher levels of health and fitness
  • Explore your potential
  • Mix with quality people who share a better vision for the future
  • Contribute to a collective

The values above run opposite to that of the mainstream.

UNCOM is the name we’ve chosen to represent this new way of living.

UNCOM Villages are the physical manifestation of this new society.

This is the exit….

The escape… 


We can only show you the door, you’re the one that will have to walk through it…

Chapter Three: Enter Tropical Paradise


n a sandy white beach, on the edge of a small tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean lies UNCOM Island.

Nearly a decade after the global network of people, businesses and organisations began coming together online, we broke ground on the first physical, co-owned village in Vanuatu. A paradise of crystal water, white sands, low regulation and freedom. This is the first of many villages around the world where we connect, share and grow.

Uncom Island in Aore, Vanuatu is a purpose-built village for free-thinkers, entrepreneurs, plan-b wanters, health and fitness lovers, freedom seekers and anyone in between. Uncom Island features 4 acres of accommodation, training facilities, recovery pools and retreat and event spaces that when complete, will house up to 100 people for events and 40-60 permanent and semi-permanent residents.

Adjacent to the village is the Freedom Farm, a 296-acre parcel of prime farming land. It is also home to water storage and solar energy infrastructure plus a unique accommodation offering (campground/bungalows and amenities) that will play host to permanent occupants and visitors. Freedom Farm will become a global destination to stay, experience, and learn about regenerative agriculture, ancestral and off-grid living, and food preparation and production. It will have the capacity to service 2000 people via the campgrounds every year and play host to a mix of up to 60 temporary and permanent residents in the Freedom Cabins.

Uncom Island isn’t the only village that’s already under construction…

Chapter Four: What comes next?

Well that is up to you…

You have the opportunity to participate in any of the 3 village projects happening around the world. There are Uncom Villages being built or in planning in Bali, Montenegro and Australia with many more to come.

Alternatively you can start planning your own vision and village. It’s not crazy to think that if you join a group of people that are on the path to creating these ideal living environments that you might end up creating your very own.

Invest, live, stay or play – it depends on your life circumstances.

Wherever you are, there is an Uncom Village solution that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Further than villages, what if we took the same approach to transport?

Its not crazy to think that we buy our own plane/s or large boats.

If travel becomes a mainstream issue then we have plans and bases covered already.

What if the village training facilities rivaled those of professional sports? What if we churned out 10 Olympians from the villages in the next decade?

What if we doubled the GDP of some of the countries we are building villages in?

What if we had our own private banking system?

The physical village is just the first cog in a much larger wheel of the Uncom Ecosystem.

Chapter Five: The invitiation

I f you’ve read this far, you clearly share a similar desire for a better future.

Uncom villages offer an unprecedented opportunity for those of you that…

  • Want a plan b escape route option available at the tap of a button, or
  • Are interested in relocating, reducing living costs and massively increasing life satisfaction, or
  • Want to invest in a project they believe in, or
  • Would like to visit a village for an experiencebased holiday, or
  • Want to build their own village, or
  • Would like to connect with a global community like-minded friends

What you’ve read above only scratches the surface, there’s much more to discuss offline.

Things are shifting, there are opportunities in play that you should know about now that are best discussed on a call.

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PS:Some people want to escape, some want a plan b to give them peace of mind and freedom, others simply want a choice. UNCOM Villages offer everything from boutique cultural and fitness experiences all the way to full ownership and investment opportunities. If you’re interested in any of the above let’s have a chat.